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Top 5 Best Search Engines

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Top 5 Best Search Engines

What are Search Engines?

Basically Search Engines are programs which help us to find information on World Wide Web. Today Search engine are advanced and work quickly. Search help us to find better result and better things which we want. There are may Search Engines like google yahoo, bing.

I am Going to Tell you top best 5 Search Engines which are being used by all over the World.

1: Google

Top 5 Best Search Engines

Founders of Google are larry page and Sergey Brin.Google was founded in 1996 initially it was called BackRub. Google is being used by all over the world. its a most powerful Search Engine.

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Top 10 Social networking sites

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Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Hello Friends Today I am going to tell you about Top 10 Social Networking site. Their Names and Description is given below.


Top 10 Social networking sites   Facebook is at Number 1 because of Billion of users. It has about 802 Million Daily active users (March 31 2014). Its Numbers are increasing day by day. The Alexa Rank of Facebook is 2. Its a most popular Social networking site. it has 6818 employers.


Top 10 Social networking sites Twitter is on the Second Number. It has 58 million daily active users. The Alexa Rank of Twitter is 8 ( May 21 2014). It has 2500 employers.

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