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Top 5 Best Search Engines

Top 5 Best Search Engines

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What are Search Engines?

Basically Search Engines are programs which help us to find information on World Wide Web. Today Search engine are advanced and work quickly. Search help us to find better result and better things which we want. There are may Search Engines like google yahoo, bing.

I am Going to Tell you top best 5 Search Engines which are being used by all over the World.

1: Google

Top 5 Best Search Engines

Founders of Google are larry page and Sergey Brin.Google was founded in 1996 initially it was called BackRub. Google is being used by all over the world. its a most powerful Search Engine.

Alexa Rank: 1

Monthly Unique visitors : 1100 Million

2: Yahoo

Top 5 Best Search Engines


Yahoo Search engine is owned by yahoo. on May 2008 Yahoo introduced Yahoo Search Engine Now it is on the second number which have large directory about  5.45 %  Volume while the google has  71.36% volume.

Alexa Rank: 4

Monthly Unique Visitors: 400 Million

3: Bing

Top 5 Best Search Engines

Its a Search engine which was launched in 2009. Bing is launched by Microsoft Company. its a third most powerful Search Engine

Alexa Rank: 24

Monthly Unique visitors: 350 Million

4: Ask

Top 5 Best Search Engines

Ask is Question Answering Web Search Engine. It was founded in 1995 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen. is on the Fourth Number. is originally known as Askjeeves

Alexa Rank: 30

Monthly Unique visitors: 145 Million

5: Aol

Top 5 Best Search Engines

Its  Search which was founded in 1985. Its American Company. It is also being used all over the world.

Alexa Rank: 114

Monthly Unique visitors: 75 Million

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